Thursday, January 28, 2016

Custom Reversible Cobbler Aprons

Customers can choose from over 600 different fabrics to create an unique one-of-a-kind apron, whether it is a barbecue or a cobbler apron. The aprons can be made in sizes small to plus size. A new customer requested custom cobbler aprons. While some customers choose two different prints, some choose to have the same fabric on both sides, which is not unusual. This is one of those customers. I try to match up the designs between the main apron and the pocket on the cobbler aprons. With the barbecue aprons it is more difficult to accomplish. I do not surge edges. I have seen some aprons with exposed shoulder seams. The shoulder seams have been surged. My aprons are completely reversible and the customers get two aprons in one.

I really like these fabrics that the customer chose, although some are no longer available on the website for making aprons.

If you know someone who likes this popular cobbler apron style apron and they want a custom apron, they can visit our custom site at

Customers can also e-mail us if they would like another style that can not be ordered through our custom site. We have the vintage style canning aprons, etc. as seen below:

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Personalized Baby Name For Blanket

From concept to finished product. The idea was drawn on a piece of paper. The customer chose a different (Curlz) instead. This will be stitched on a baby blanket. It was stitched on white satin. I had a piece of satin, but I didn't like that I could see through it. I decided to find a thicker satin fabric.

The boy's name is going to be Theo.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Apple And Blood Orange Trees

Well...back in August, I harvested the apples from our Fuji apple tree. Thought that I was done for the year. Then...I noticed blossoms again on the apple tree. It was because of the warm weather I suppose. Today, I noticed a new crop of apples on the tree. These apples are not large like our regular crop, rather they are very small in size.

Our small blood orange tree has produced over 40 large oranges.

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