Saturday, August 26, 2017

It Is That Time For Rodger Red Grapes Again

Taking a short break from making aprons, but I can't wait for this project to be completed, so that I can create the aprons that are all cut out. We will also be making green camouflage aprons for a business. I will post this later when this unfolds.

Every year around this time, we need to harvest our Rodger Red Grapes from our back yard. This year, our vines have produced a record number of grapes. I usually make grape jelly because the grapes have tiny seeds. When my husband had his first glass of fresh grape juice, he was hooked. Needless to say, people still ask about the homemade grape jelly. One story includes a little girl. The girl didn't like jelly. Her father put some of the homemade jelly on his little girl's pancakes. The little girl licked off the jelly and then asked her dad if she could have some more.

The grapes were harvested yesterday. Harvesting grapes is no easy task. Jason and I are wiped. Most of the grapes are hard to get without trimming the branches. Some of the grape vine branches are wrapped around large and small branches. I think that we got them. Lost a lot of grapes to the birds. Birds are not happy that we harvested the grapes.

Today, began the process of taking off all the grapes. It is a time consuming project for sure. Since I started late in the day, I only made it through two large bowls, but I have 3 more large bowls of grapes, just waiting for me to remove them from the vines. With only two bowls now completed, I managed to fill up a large soup pot.

Christmas Holiday Poinsettia and Pink Rose Sweetheart Pinup Aprons from Country N' More

Not only are these new sweetheart pinup aprons cute, they are downright beautiful. We also have another sweetheart pinup apron that was just finished, but we don't have any pictures yet. The newest apron, features beautiful Hibiscus flowers set against a royal blue background.

Well, we can post the pictures of our other new designs. Many of the latest aprons feature a scalloped bodice and matching pockets.

Check out these gorgeous pinup aprons as well as our many other vintage style aprons.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Blue Polka Dot and Floral Sweetheart Pinup Aprons

We just added some more vintage 1950's style pinup sweetheart aprons to our online store at

Many of our aprons are one-of-a-kind and once they are sold, we can not make anymore. All of our edges have been top stitched. What makes our aprons different, is that we color match the different colors when top stitching (ie: the purple floral apron has purple, orange, and blue top stitching).

Blue fabric with white polka dots. We have added a white eyelet trim to the top of the bodice.

Cute floral with orange and purple tones. The purple straps, waistband, bodice and pocket accents, fit so perfectly with the purple in the floral design.

Beautiful blue with white polka dots.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Much Needed Anniversary Trip

My husband and I took a short 5 day anniversary road trip. We found a bed and breakfast place located in Ponderosa (Sequoia National Park). We stayed at the Mountain Top B & B for the entire trip. We enjoyed getting to know both Dee and Curtis. Now, Dee can whip up a splendid breakfast and you will certainly feel full.

We originally were going to visit the Trail of Hundred Giants as well as drive up to where we spent a vacation further north. Instead, we chose to stay close and check out the local hiking and waterfall spots. I can tell you that I was extremely tired after doing 2 hikes in one day on a very hot day. We also visited Dome Rock. The first hike was to the Nobe Young Falls and the other one was to Peppermint Falls. The following day was just a day to lounge around and you can be certain that we really needed it. We used this time to get to know both Dee and Curtis. On our third day (our 39th wedding anniversary), we spent hiking to see the Stagg Tree (The Stagg tree is a giant sequoia, that is about 3,000 years old and located in Alder Creek). We also spent our anniversary getting to know the people and town of Camp Nelson, but had a nice dinner at the local tavern in Ponderosa. They treated my husband and I to a apple crisp (yummy).

Mountain Top B & B

Stagg Tree

Nobe Young Falls

Trail of Hundred Giants

Mountain Top B & B

The King Room

Delicious Casserole

Anniversary treat. Hubby is taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

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