Friday, July 22, 2016

Monogrammed Bathroom Towel Set for New Home

I was asked if I could monogram bathroom towels for his new place. The A is for his girlfriend and his of course is the letter C.

This was a challenge because he didn't know what font he wanted, but finally decided on the font I used. The letters were to be embroidered between the bars on the bottom of the towel.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Bear & His Honey Embroidered Kitchen Towel by

I was asked to make a custom embroidered kitchen towel, by a fellow business member. This towel is for a wedding gift. The husband's nickname is Bear and the wife's nickname is Honey.

This custom towel was her idea. I just helped created a design with those ideas in mind. I first sent her the pdfs of the different font styles along with the embroidered honey pot. She wanted the wedding date on the honey pot, so that was added.

Once I get approval for the design, I then will stitch it up. The thing about creating personalized and custom products is that a customer will not find anything like it in the store. There will not be 100 other towels or aprons with the same design.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Pros And Cons of Having People Set Off Fireworks

We live about 1 block from where the coyotes enter from the Arroyo. It is not uncommon to see them on our street on a nightly basis looking for an easy target. Last night as the fireworks were going off all around us, my husband noticed that a coyote was running back towards the Arroyo. My guess was that it was trying to get away from all the noise. The only problem is that the coyote will be back.

Not only are people getting injured from setting off fireworks, they are also setting things on fire. Last night was the first time in living here for 32 years, that we have had an incident as a result of those fireworks. Someone threw some sort of firework in the middle of the street. The next thing we know is that our neighbor is ringing our doorbell. There was a fire at the top of our street. Fortunately for the homeowner, is that the local fire department was close and that it was an Italian Cypress that was lit up like the 4th of July and not their house. We had 7 sheriffs and the local fire department.

An upside is that we can see the fireworks from the Rose Bowl. Not the best seat in the house, but still nice. I took more videos, but this was the finale.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Latest custom embroidered aprons

I belong to a business group, which meets once a week. One of the members asked if I could make an apron for her boyfriend's dad. Her dad was in the military, so they wanted an embroidered dog tag on the apron. I was also asked if I could make an apron for her boyfriend's stepmother. Jane likes anything feminine, so I added heart shaped eyelet trim around the apron and the pockets. Since the stitched out design of the letter J didn't have both black and white, I embroidered it on white fabric. This was then turned into a pocket that Jane could put her cell phone in, if she wanted to.

These aprons turned out so cute.

PS...the customer sent me a picture of the cute couple. I will post it after I get permission to do so.

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