Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sleepless in California

When my husband and I were first considering moving up to where we live now, some 26 years ago, the homes were still yet un-built. We were told that there were a lot of parties in the neighborhood, and that it was a noisy neighborhood. So....my husband and I would drive up here and park outside the fenced in area in the evenings, but all we could here were crickets. That was fine with us because we enjoy the outdoors and crickets were a part of the outdoors.

Things are different regarding crickets. A few years ago, crickets moved in to our attic, and often we would see them in our house. These crickets we soon found out were called "house crickets," and they prefer the indoors. The male crickets would chirp their high pitch sounds all day long and night. A few days ago, a cricket moved in to our bedroom, so you can guess where I am going with this. I went to lay down to sleep the other night, and was very relaxed until.....the loud chirping began. It is hard to sleep with the high pitch sound echoing off the walls in the bedroom. These crickets are hard to catch at times and so the nights are filled with restless sleep. This is why it is 3:15 am and I am up typing this on the blog. Sometimes, this cricket will keep me up, while other times, it will allow me to go back to sleep. I hope that my husband finds this un-welcomed creature in our bedroom, so that we can sleep, I mean so that I can sleep soundly once again. Dh tends to be able to sleep through all the chirping.

UPDATE: Yeah, last night was the first peaceful night in 4 or 5 days. I just wanted to keep sleeping this morning. Woke up later than normal for me, but I need to get up. I am supposed to make a taco salad for hubby's work today. No cricket chirping made for a great night. I honestly don't know what became of the cricket who wanted to serenade all night.

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  1. We have only had a few but the bug people come to the door telling us about the cricket problems in the area. Skye likes to find them when we have one.


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