Friday, August 6, 2010

Oppososte Sides Of The Wall

We live on a cul-de-sac street which has a block wall that divides us from the neighbors on the other side. Originally when they were building our homes, the contractors began tearing down the wall, but the neighbors on the other side of the wall fought it tooth and nail, and I am glad that they did. It is quiet, because the usually cars that drive on our street are visiting our neighbors or it is our neighbors.

What is odd, is that some of the people on the other side will have groceries in their hands and instead of taking the nearby street to reach their hone, they jump the wall at the end of our street.

Actually, our side of the wall is much quieter than that of the other side. It is like night and day. We have been neighbors, some of us for 26 years, while others it ranges from 10-20 plus years. While we have quiet neighbors, there is one particular neighbor on the other side (we think that there are several individuals living there), where they will rev their engines at all hours of the night.

Lately, our side has been a lot noisier than usual, but it isn't because of our neighbors, but that of the actions taken on the other side. Over the past week, we have heard helicopters searching for individuals and have learned that there were have been shootings by rival gang members. Unfortunately, the individuals have not been caught, and it seems like is an almost daily activity or weekly activity. This is disturbing to me because I like our area because it is usually so peaceful.

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  1. Sorry to hear that. I know that it would upset me. Praying for peace.


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