Monday, October 25, 2010

CERT Training

For the last week, my husband and I have been in an Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training class. It was grueling with us giving up two Saturdays (8 hours each Saturday), and 3 nights of not watching our favorite shows on television, but it was worth it. We are now certified if needed for emergencies in our town. Last Saturday was the final. When I first heard FINAL, it brought me back to the good old school days. I wasn't really big on tests. I was nervous then as I was for this final.

We had 2 groups to begin with, where we worked on cribbing (raising a heavy object-platform off of a victim (no victims underneath or no dummies used), and then we had to pair up to put out a small fire. Putting out the fire was fun because I have always seen it on tv, but never had the opportunity to really put out a small fire.

The next part was the actual final. We had 3 groups of 6 people, but somehow during the last scenario, we had 9 people. The first scenario was a bus accident. There was an earthquake and the school bus hit a telephone pole and wound up in a trench. Of course there was no real trench for us, just an empty parking lot. I was assigned to the task of taking the injured victims off of the school but, but somehow, others just took over. Go figure. Anyways, one of the victims was a young girl. She was place on the yellow tarp, which called for monitoring. I was standing by the bus, and happened to look over at the treatment area. The girl got up and started walking towards the bus. The medical person didn't notice her walking away, so I just put my arm around her shoulder and led her back to the tarp. The next thing I noticed that the young man on the red tarp (immediate or more serious victims) had his eyes closed. When I got closer, he was repeating the same phrase over and over again, which was a sign of shock. I asked the questions that we were told, but he didn't respond (sign of shock), so I covered him up with what I could find.

I had asked my husband what his role was in the bus incident, and he said that he was search and rescue. There was a man place at the back of the bus. This man had a red tag on him and a brief description of what was wrong. While the others were treating the minor injuries (not to be done on the bus, but in the treatment area), the man;s airway became obstructed. My husband noticed the man and climbed over the other victims and followed the procedure for opening up the airway. He did this twice, and the man was taken out to the red tarp to be monitored. The instructor said, "You are not supposed to be out here. You are dead!" The man replied, "He (pointing to my husband) opened up my airway."

Our oldest son could only attend a couple of the classes as he was getting ready to leave for a geology trip to Santa Cruz Island. He was the cook for the group.

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  1. Well done you and your husband. I hope you will never have to use it in real life though.


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