Monday, November 15, 2010

Here We Go Again-Refrigerator Woes

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In case you didn't know it,late last month, our refrigerator stopped cooling down. There was water all over the floor and the refrigerator was over 50 degrees. With a good repair, a new part (took a week to get), the refrigerator was on its way to being back to normal.

But wait! Two weeks of pleasant temperatures, frozen ice, and a cool refrigerator had quickly come to an end. It is odd because it was exactly two weeks after getting a new compressor that the refrigerator decided to do the exact same thing. With a new phone call and a quick analysis, everything was fixed once again. This time it was a clogged tube-the tube that carried the refrigerant. Everything is fine once again.

But wait! This relief lasted only two days. We think that everything was fine so we start to put groceries back in the refrigerator, but soon discover that the refrigerator is warm once again. This time, the temperature fluctuates from 34.1 up to 55 degrees. With a phone call, the same tech is back at the house. This time the refrigerator is back down to a normal temperature and stays that way. Well, the tech can't fix something that isn't broken. So, dh brings home the groceries from their storage place, only to discover that the process has started all over again. We kept a log just as the tech wanted us to, which indicated the temperatures and the noise level. The temperature slowly rises up to 57.1 degrees then it begins once again at the bottom and climbs again. they will hear from us once again. This isn't good with a holiday coming around the corner. We are using a small refrigerator. You know one of those mini refrigerators that you can barely fit anything in. Sigh......

The thing that we liked about the refrigerator is that there are four sections that are individually controlled. The bottom left drawer can be used as a freezer or as a refrigerator.

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