Thursday, August 29, 2013

Picking Fuji Apples

This is the first year that I we have large Fuji apples and it is all thanks to our bees.  Of course, there are small apples as well, but many of the apples are larger than one might find in a grocery store.  We still are fight the effects of the coding moth.  This year, we set up traps, which has also help with the fight.  I found a useful site, which I can assure you, that I will be using some of these methods next year.

Last night, I started picking the apples.  It is early, but the apples are still tasty at this stage in their life.  Not only do we have problems with the Coding Moth, but the squirrels find the apples tasty as well.  The squirrels start going after the apples when the apples are young, and you can bet that their eyes get big, when they see those large apples. 

There are plenty apples for homemade apples sauce, which I use for several recipes, and especially when I just want to eat apple sauce.  We use a lot of apples in baking, for use in pancakes, cakes, etc.

I just need to get out the tall ladder in order too reach those apples that are too high for me to reach.  Now, I am not one to be on a ladder, as I have a fear of heights.  Long story, but to sum it up, my brother saved my sister's life when he caught her by the hand and pulled up her up.  She would not have had the life that she had, if it were not for our brother.

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  1. We picked our Jonathan apples yesterday. It is kinda fun and now for making stuff. I do make pie fixings and freeze it. Apple pie in the winter is yummy. I have posted pictures on my blog--a couple of days ago.



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