Monday, September 7, 2015

Apple Picking-Preparation Applesauce, How To Freeze Apples, etc.

Well...this is not Country N' More that is doing the picking of the apples, rather the harvesting of the Fuji apples from our apple tree in the back yard. Many of the apples have fallen victim to the local squirrels, while others have been victims of the codling moth. Despite these downfalls, we still had plenty of apples to pick. This year showed a bumper crop. The squirrels of course would go after the large apples. All in all, we still had plenty of apples to pick. I know for sure that the squirrels were not happy with us for taking the fruit. Every day we would see the remains of an apple enjoyed by the local squirrel, while other apples were knocked down on the ground.

This picture was taken several weeks ago:

 I was asked by a friend if I weighed the apples, because I mentioned that I thought that there was over 30 lbs. This made me think...."How many pounds of apples were left on the small tree out in the back?"  So...I weighed the smaller box, which was abundant in itself. The total weight of the apples in this 13 1/2" x 14 1/2" by 9 1/2" tall box was 24 lbs. This leaves the larger of the two boxes, which is about double the size of the smaller size. The total combined weight of the apples picked this year.  Drum roll please....65 lbs. Whoa! I am looking forward to using the apples to make apple pies, cake, apple pancakes, etc.

This large box is heaping with apples.

The very small ones will be made into juice. I have already started making home made applesauce. This year, I am going to try freezing apples. I don't know why I haven't thought of it before. I have canned apples, but never froze them. These apples are going to be sliced and frozen. There are still plenty of apples in the second box. I will post updates when I weigh the second box. All I can say, "It is heavy!"

Tip:  I poured lemon juice in a bowl. I add the slices to the lemon juice in the bowl. When ready to freeze, I just pick up a bunch of apple slices, shaking off any excess lemon juice. This works well for me. The apples are then vacuum sealed.

Making applesauce:

Below is a link to some great tips for preparing apples from UC Davis

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