Sunday, September 17, 2017

Apple Harvest

This is probably the first year that we have had a lot of large apples. I can imagine that the squirrel, who had been feasting on the large apples was looking forward to another apple today. Surprise!!! There are no more apples on the tree. I just don't know why the squirrel will only eat half of the apple and leave the unfinished apple on the tree to rot. Even though we used traps for the codling moth, we are not vigilant in keeping the traps filled. Thus, although we had a lot of apples this year, there are a lot of apples that had to be tossed out. I honestly hate wasting food, especially apples that we have grown and nurtured on our tree.

Here is a close up picture of some of the apples. We filled two very large boxes full of apples.

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