Saturday, May 30, 2015

How Country N' More Started Making Cobbler Aprons

How I started to make cobbler aprons. I was doing the craft show at Hillside Farms in Norco, CA. A potential customer came up to me because she saw my other aprons. She wanted to know if I made cobbler aprons. To tell you the truth, at the time I didn't know what a cobbler apron was. Well...I have seen them, but I didn't know what they were called. The customer said that she was looking at purchasing cobbler aprons for her friends. If I made the cobbler aprons, she would purchase 9 aprons from me. You can be sure that I wanted to help her out. I wanted to make the cobbler aprons reversible, but as with other things, I would go through the steps in my head. I wasn't sure how to make it completely reversible.

Here is a reminder of times past. I really enjoyed doing the Hillside Farm show for 9+ years, but as our sons grew up, they needed to have time to enjoy their teenage years.

Then it dawned on me. Of course I am not going to spill the beans on how I do it. Since this first request, I have made over 1,000 aprons. I have also purchase cobbler aprons from others. I have not come across anything like mine. One of the individuals selling the aprons makes the apron lined. The shoulder seams on the other side are surged. None of our aprons have surged or exposed seams. Everything is finished off and all of the edges are top stitched.

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