Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Microsoft and IRS Phone Scams

I received another one of the calls from a person claiming to be from Microsoft. I have received this before: I knew that it was a scam, once he said that he was from Microsoft. I did a search on the phone number: 786-224-0099
Got a call from this number wanted me claimed to be Microsoft Service stating my PC had a virus that was sending numerous messages to their server. Wanted me to execute a command on my computer. He began to tell me the command eve I hung up before he finished. I called Microsoft support and they informed me that they do not call customers unless they are returning a call.

People need to know. These people will continue as long as individuals fall for it.

Another scam that is continuing because people fall victim to it. My neighbor, on the other hand didn't. She knew that it was a scam and was playing the bait game. They thought that they had another victim until she said that she didn't have access to their bank account. Of course, she knew that she didn't owe any money to the IRS and that she there wasn't a warrant out for her arrest. They told the person that if she didn't pay that soon after hanging up that the sheriffs would come to her house and arrest her. She would spend time in jail. Of course, they told the person how she could save herself from going to jail. This time, it was actual people, whereas in my case it was a recorded message. My neighbor said that it was really convincing, so that is probably why so many people fall for it. The number that they used was more of a local number: Phone # 323-729-3657. They told her to go to a local Vons store to buy a tax credit money order , also to call when I reach @ Vons & he will advise me what to do.

I also heard from a relative about the above IRS scam:

My friend at work had the same p hone call recently and the "IRS" said that she owed $10,000 and the sheriff was on the way to arrest her....But....they would be happy to stay on the phone while she rushed to the bank to do a wire transfer. It's so terrible that there are people out there like that. The IRS will only contact you in person or by certified mail, they will never call!!!!

I received more scams since notifying friends. Here is another one:

I got a call similar to that, but was told I had an outstanding debt with my old bank for some check cashing place. Was told to pay $3,000 or a warrant would be issued. I googled the # and sure enough it's a scam. Unfortunately, there are a lot of elderly people who will fall for this. It's a shame that NOTHING gets done to these places.

New Note: I received another call today (7/7/15). This one was from 247-851-4245. They wanted to know if I was the person in charge of my computer. I told the person that they need to stop scamming people. They will only move on to their next victim.

This note is from another person posting about the phone call:
This is a computer scam and they will try to get you to grant access to your computer by going to DOS and entering what they tell you to. 

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